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Perth Solar Power Installations.

Tired of the increasing electricity bills? We certainly are! Time to tap into that solar power and save some money on your electricity bills. Want to know how? The answer is Solar Panels! 

That’s right, solar panels are a fantastic way to make use of this scorching sun Perth offers and converts that sunshine into savings for you. We are committed to giving you the best solar panel service possible at the most affordable price. Not a bad solution to reduce that rising electricity bill now is it? If that isn’t reason enough then keep reading….

Quality Service Our team are extremely professional, knowledgeable, fast and efficient. Solar panels are our passion so be rest assured that your new panels will be handled with the best of care. Adding solar power to your home also can increase the value of your residence as well as saving you money. We are sure you’d like to continue to see these benefits increase year in and year out which is why our solar panels are built to the best quality. Our solar panels are built to last.

‘No solar panel get’s left behind’  It’s not every man (or panel) for themselves out here! We make sure that our panels are installed correctly, working together and up for the job of providing that sweet solar power to your home or office. Placed in the wrong direction or facing the wrong way on your roof will only leave you disappointed at the savings. We will make sure your panels are set up correctly the first time so you can relax. 
Talk to our staff today or fill out our quote form to the right of the page and we can help you find a system that is right for you and your solar panel needs.

‘Do You Want Rebates With That?  – Yep that’s right, you don’t need your glasses or fries. The government can offer rebates on the purchase and installation of solar panels and solar power units. T & C’s apply. Ask us today about the government rebates you are eligible with the installation of your new solar panels.

‘Make the most of what is around you’ – Perth receives a significant amount of sunlight compared to other states. Why not make the most of that and turn it into savings for yourself? We know that there is an initial cost involved in installing your solar panels but this is a long term investment. The money saved by using solar panels will reap massive benefits for you in the future and will pay for themselves over time. Check out our about page for more information on how this works.

Lessen your impact on the environment  Renewable energy is a hot topic at the moment and will start to take over a lot of the old fossil fuel burning ways. For those of you who want to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment, installing solar panels can be a great first step in achieving this. The benefits of solar power are not just for your back pocket. Simply fill out the quote form to the right of page or call us on 1300 926 166 to find out more.

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